February 12, 2009

4-6 PM

Cannon Room, HMS Quad



Speaker:                                 Richard N. Bergman, PhD


Title:                                        “Systems Biology and Glucose Homeostasis: Prediction, Prevention and Genetics of Type 2 Diabetes."


Question:                                 How can we use systems biology analysis to explain principles underlying diabetes, and to predict the disease in at-risk individuals?


Quantitative Method:              Engineering analysis methods including computer modeling coupled with statistical genetics and genome-wide association studies.


Medical Impact:                      This work has led to explaining the importance of insulin resistance versus impaired insulin secretory function in the pathogenesis of Type 2 diabetes. It has allowed for the development of methods most powerful for predicting Type 2 diabetes, and for assessing the effects of therapies on the progression of disease. It has generated a quantitative parameter most aligned with genetic signals associated with increased risk for Type 2 diabetes.


Speaker URL:                         http://www.usc.edu/programs/pibbs/site/faculty/bergman_r.htm


Suggested Reading:               Bergman RN.  Banting Lecture 2006: Orchestration of glucose homeostasis – from a small acorn to the California oak. Diabetes. 56:1489-1501, 2007.

                                                Rich S.S. and R.N. Bergman. The genetic basis of glucose homeostasis. Curr. Diab. Rev. 1:221-226, 2005.