May 8, 2008

4-6 PM

Cannon Room, HMS Quad



Speaker:                                 Jeffrey Fredberg, PhD


Title:                                        “Frozen objects: small airways, big breaths, and asthma.”


Question:                                 How does stretch influence sub-cellular mechanical properties?


Quantitative Method:              Molecular-scale experimental probes of cytoskeletal deformability, contractility, and remodeling.


Medical Impact:                      During the asthmatic attack, airway smooth muscle undergoes a phase transition and becomes frozen in a stiff glassy state.


Suggested Reading:               Trepat X., et al.  Universal physical responses to stretch in the living cell.  Nature (2007) May 31;447(7144):592-5.

                                                Fredberg, JJ.  Frozen objects: small airways, big breaths and asthma.  J. of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (2000), 106, 615-24.


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